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Your Special Invitation

As it is a date as special and unique as this, a wedding invitation must be unique as well and elevate your love story, your tastes and the style you have idealized for your big day!

I leave below some advice that can help you define the concept of your wedding!


colors, stile, flowers, decor and other...

Step 1

Do not stick to a generic and specific theme. What will make your invitation unique and exclusive are the details you have chosen and which together translate into your personal history.

Small details, detached from theme, can be an asset for the creation of your details and this will give you greater visual and personal freedom.


Think about the type of wedding you envision, what colors you would like to be part of the decoration and what elements are, for you, essential on that day. Your personal taste may include idealizing a more intimate, clean / modern, romantic, rustic or classic wedding.

See textures, colors, decorative details, formats. Be inspired by various things and what most characterizes you as a couple and as individual beings. It will be the marriage of these tastes that will transform your invitation into a dream piece!


Step 2

the characteristics with which you identify as couple

If you like textures, romantic and artistic details, admire the touch and exclusivity of manual work, then I know you have found the right person to help you on this adventure!


Your style can be defined by the components of step 1, or by other elements that may be part of your history as a couple.


Above all, you must identify with the portfolio, style and characteristics of the professional you have chosen to be part of your day.

Ideas, I'm sure, will not be lacking to create something wonderful, together!


Step 3

Formats, Printing and Embelishments

When we talk about invitations and wedding stationery we mostly talk about items that you will deliver to your guests or that will be included in your day's decor.


With this in mind, you should think that all the details matter and that everything will reflect your personal tastes. So, you should think about which formats and pieces you identify the most and what details call you the most.


To help you define your details, here are some suggestions that help you imagine what you would like to have in your invitation:

. folded invitation in one piece

. invitation with envelope and card

. invitation with folded pocket envelope

. invitation with gold stamping or embossing

. invitation with handmade borders (handtorned edges)

. invitation with handpainted golden detail

. invitation with custom illustration


. decorative details such as: handmade ribbon, satin or velvet ribbon, or other type of thread. Custom wax seal or stickers. Guest names tags or calligraphy...

After evaluating all these suggestions, you are ready to request the quote via email and select which details you want to have in your invitation and stationery.

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