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Design and fine art

Here the simplicity of design connects with the exclusivity of art and the quality of materials and textures!

There is nothing more valuable in an artist's work than its manuality and the time dedicated do the improvement of each piece, concept and detail.


The face behind the business


There is much i could tell you, but the essential thing is that here I have found my essence and what really makes me happy and completes me professionally and personally. Invite Mi is me, it is an extension of myself. Here I am just me, with all my strands.

What motivates me the most is being able to work with extraordinary people every day, passionate people about the beauty of art and simplicity of design. In each one who chooses to work with me, I find an beautiful appreciation for my work and for the love and dedication I place in each proposal.

For me, each proposal is a blank sheet on which I work, during our several weeks of contact, until I create something exclusive and beautiful! And there is nothing more enriching than seeing your expression of happiness when you first touch your wedding stationery and see your personality and tastes reflected there.

If you identify with me, my way of working and my portfolio, then I am sure that you have found the right person here to walk with you on this journey!


The Concept


Design for my training, art for my passion. Above all, I want to create beautiful author pieces, with materials, textures and details that convey the personality of everyone who chooses my work! I love working with people and couples in love with different and distinctive pieces!

The illustration, be it in watercolor or in line or digital, is one of the elements that I love to customize and apply in the proposals. Transform each piece into a small work of art!

The handmade finishing touches, the textured papers, the calligraphy or the gold hand painted detail, the handmade features are some of the details that characterize my work!


The Story 


Invite Mi® was born in December 2014. With a degree in Graphic Design (ESAD, 2011), I founded Invite Mi® with the dream of being part of something i love and that, in some way, made a difference. I have been in love with brides since I was little, and everything that involves this world of weddings. I am a romantic person and that was how, in a magical way, I entered the area of wedding design! Nothing is by chance!


Born in Porto and from Leça da Palmeira today, aged 31 (2020), I see myself as an enterprising, dreamy and motivated woman, lover of art, music, flowers and beautiful things. I love series and movies and i love cats (i own when cat called Mia) and I've also been building my own love story for 9 years.

Invite Mi has traveled the world with proposals created for couples from different corners of the globe. It doesn't matter where you come from, whether from Portugal or another country, what matters is your motivation to create something wonderful with me!

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