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Exclusive Pieces

An exclusive, distinctive ring or jewelry dish, created to complement your wedding day. A handmade piece, created from scratch and especially for your wedding day, but to later serve as a souvenir and decoration piece in your future home! Also perfect as a present for your bridesmaids, or even to anyone who likes original pieces!

Exlcusive ring or jewelry dish 


For many years I wanted to create, especially for my couples, a ring holder that would be a unique, exclusive piece, fully customizable and that, after the wedding, would serve as a decorative piece in their homes!

This year I launch this wedding ring/jewelry holder/dish. A simple, romantic piece, where you can carry on (on your wedding) the rings, and which will serve as a useful decorative piece to support rings or necklaces and bracelets, which you can place on top of a dresser foror example, and which you will be able to store and cherish for a whole life, always remembering this special and unique day.


Format and Materials


Made on air dry clay, the feel is very similar to a ceramic piece. 

Created exclusively by me, they are modeled, painted and finished with semi-matte varnish, with great care and detail.

I want, above all, to give you a piece that symbolizes your love and union and that strives for the elegance and simplicity of the materials and details.

Created in a 9 cm diameter round shape, the ring holder is carefully packed in tissue paper and placed in its own gorgeous packaging!


Models and Colors


Calligraphy dish

with calligraphy

Fully customized piece with initials and date, handmade ribbon, in white or other color, with a golden border.


Simple dish

without calligraphy

Piece with handmade ribbon and color, or white, with a golden border, but there is no initial or date customization.


Basic dish

no calligraphy or ribbon

White or colored piece, without handmade ribbon, with golden border, and without personalization of initials or date.

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To your taste


With the possibility of customizing the color (5 colors available), the handmade ribbon (3 colors) and the border and calligraphy (3 colors)

Calligraphy is the distinctive finishing touch that most stands out to you, applied to the initials and on the font style of your invitations. But, they can always be simple, without applying calligraphy.

Wedding ring colors: white, blush pink, light sage green, dusty blue, light gray
Handmade ribbon colors: white, cream or latte, pastel blush pink
Calligraphy and handmade border colors: gold, silver or white

Form indicated to order exclusive ring dish/holders 

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